Khartoum in English – Hello from me!

Summer reading

I’m currently a final year medical student at University College London Medical School.

In September I’m off to Khartoum, Sudan, to spend two months based in one of Khartoum’s main teaching hospitals. This is my medical elective (of which more later).

Whilst I’m there, I hope to keep feeding this blog at least once a week with any little snippets and morsels of what I’m doing, seeing and thinking (assuming anything vaguely noteworthy happens!).

I’m new to any form of blogging, but I’m pretty sure anybody can reply to my posts – so it’d be great to hear from anyone and everyone. Tell me about places you’ve been to, similar experiences you’ve had, things I should (or shouldn’t) eat, see or wear, ask me any questions, or chip in with your own thoughts. In short, stay in touch in whatever way you want!

Before I arrive in Sudan, I’m going try and get in a couple of posts – about medical electives in general, and about Khartoum in particular.

Will write again soon!



3 thoughts on “Khartoum in English – Hello from me!

  1. I’m now 2 weeks into my placement in Antananarivo, Madagascar. In the hospital shop they stock a full array of outdated magazine, but my favourite is ‘cheval’ (2002)

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